Sloan (lovemytriplets) wrote,

Cousin, the girls, etc.

My cousin is visiting for the weekend. Actually she's like my 2nd cousin or something. Uh... I actually don't know what she is, to tell the truth. Some kind of relation and called "cousin" because it's too much effort to actually figure it out.

Anyway, she has a daughter only two months older than my girls.

My girls are so social. I don't know why people say twins/triplets are likely to be antiocial and not care much about other kids, or stay in their own world. Mine just love other kids.

Which doesn't mean they play nice all the time. Actually I can't believe how much more work one more kid in the house can create. You would think if you have three, one more wouldn't make that much difference.

The other good news is I'm going to a concert tonight. Yey. "Me" night. :-)
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