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Random update.

Classes are driving me nuts. They're easy but so dull it's a struggle just to stay awake and take notes. I had two midterms this week and I put in no effort but am completely sure I will ace both. They were just that obvious. I don't know what I hate worse, a hard class or a class that is ridiculously easy. Maybe equally. Hard ones take up time that I don't have. But this kind are just annoying and it's so tempting to skip classes but I know I can't because that becomes a habit and the quarter is only 10 weeks anyway. It's half over now. Whew.

Going to the zoo this weekend. I want to actually get to see the monkeys one of these times. It has occurred to me that I have not seen the monkeys at all yet this year. That's weird.

Got a "care package" from one of my aunts yesterday. She sent the girls each a knitted sweater and cap. They are adorable. Must get portraits taken.

Also got my winnings from a contest I entered. It's a t-shirt and a gift card for Old Navy for $55. $55 -- isn't that a weird amount to have a gift card in? For a contest, I mean.

I finished the last Series of Unfortunate Events book last night. Now I'm going to have to wait for the next one to be published. I think in September? Almost as bad as waiting for Harry Potter. Not that these books are on the same level, but they are addicting and I want to find out what happens next.

Speaking of Harry Potter, what is up with The Worst Title Ever???
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Speaking of Harry Potter, what is up with The Worst Title Ever???

Oh yeah. And she says she really loves that title, too.

Suddenly I'm not quite so eager for the next book to come out...

Okay, I lied about that.