Sloan (lovemytriplets) wrote,

Another nice day today. I guess the weather report was wrong? They're still showing it as supposed to be above 90°, but it's only about 80-85° so far today.

This morning I had to do shopping. With the girls it's really hard, which is why I usually leave it for the weekend. Easier to leave them home without inconveniencing anyone. So I spent about two hours going to four different stores, and spent a total of $250.

I bought: new outfits for the girls (total $38); diapers ($45); groceries ($80); jeans and two shirts for me (on sale, only $22 total); binder paper, two notebooks, and pens ($7); a CD ($9); a novel ($5); candy for Halloween ($8), blank CD-Roms ($6); and a gift for my sister's birthday ($24).

Then I went to the trade-in store to pick up my check, and it was $180! Usually they're like $25-$50, but I guess this time the things were worth more. It was just some old sports equipment, so I don't know why. There are three other stores that I have to go to this month to pick up checks. I trade stuff in all over the place. But the others are more far away and I'll have to fit that in over the week because it's actually closer to my Uni than to home, and it makes sense to go on the way home. Now I'm motivated to clean out the garage and basement. There are boxes upon boxes of my stuff there, a lot of it from high school so it could be sports equipment and other stuff that I could trade in. Hell, I don't have a clue what else is in there. Maybe more comics? Those could go on eBay again. I sold two boxes, and while none went for more than $5, it did add up to over $150. And it was so simple to sell them, package, and send off, that it was really worth the little time I spent on it.
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