Sloan (lovemytriplets) wrote,


Okay, so I got the DVD X Copy software for free from one of my dad's buddies, and it WORKS!!! Not only that, but since we have four computers I figure I can just turn them all on and record four movies a night.

Now I can finally get some of those "like, but not enough to spend money on" DVDs.

On the topic of computers, I finally got a really great notebook. And it only cost me $250. It has tons of stuff on it. It actually has more stuff than my last computer did, and it had cost over $2,000.

One of my friends gave me his entire collection of The Sims. All the extension packs ever made. A couple of manuals, too. I really don't need another copy. Must resist urge to install. :-)

Also got the Six Feet Under 1st and 2nd seasons on DVD. I really like that series but we had HBO turned off for like two months so I missed tons of episodes in the 2nd season and then somehow I managed to miss reruns too.

I want to see Spider-Man 2. Also The Day After Tomorrow. And Dawn Of The Dead. And a bunch of others.

I have no time.

Oh well.

Taking the girls to the zoo this weekend. We've already been twice this month. We need to go to some other places one of these days.
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